geraldton naturopath

“The journey to health is different for everyone. I love that being a Naturopath allows me to connect up the dots for my patients & remind them that we need to address all the areas that contribute to wellness: diet, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation, state of mind and sleep.”


Welcome to Charlotte Inwood NATUROPATHICS.

Are you feeling truly WELL? Or do you sense you could be experiencing more energy, more lightness, more ALIVENESS? If so, then your journey starts here.

There is so much more to health than just the absence of disease. Do you awake each morning refreshed and clear? Does your energy sustain you for the entire day? Does your digestive system feel light and clean? Can you handle life’s challenges with grace and dignity?

Maybe it’s time to change what you’ve always done, look a little deeper into the little whispers your body is giving you before they turn into a great big shout!

Take a look around, and discover how Naturopathy might benefit you.

Charlotte is a Naturopath, Teacher and Mother in Geraldton. She offers Naturopathic consultations that aim to identify the imbalances, deficiencies or blockages in your body that might be preventing you from experiencing your true state of wellness, and guides you on the path to healing. She also offers Wellness presentations for Community & Corporate groups. Her down-to-earth yet thorough approach has grown from over 14 years of experience, in various clinical and home-based settings. Charlotte is the person to contact if you are looking for a Geraldton Naturopath.