Type II Diabetes in Australia is reaching epidemic proportions. The number of people diagnosed with Diabetes closely correlates with the number of people who suffer from Obesity. Indeed, the two are intricately connected. And herein lies the key: to treat diabetes, you must tackle weight loss. But, wait a minute, the opposite is also true: to lose weight, you must tackle diabetes. It’s a bit like the “chicken & egg” scenario…which one comes first? And, more importantly, which one do we treat first? Well, the simple answer is BOTH! They happen together, and you can’t treat one without also treating the other.

When we look back at any early human culture, it is obvious that there was very little obesity. In fact most humans were surprisingly lean. So what has changed? PLENTY! It’s only relatively recently that we have had constant access to vast amounts of food. Previously, we had to work hard to find food and, when we did, we would generally feast. The next meal might be a long way off, so it would have been very common to then go into a fasting mode. This pattern of feast and fast is important; for when we are fasting, the body uses its fat stores for fuel. By regularly fasting, we stayed lean.

The type of food we ate was also vastly different. Meals typically consisted of meats (especially the fat), fish, berries, nuts & seeds. Containing mostly fats & proteins, these foods digested slowly and promoted a low, steady blood sugar level. We could easily go for many hours (or even a day or two!) without excessive hunger. In contrast, we now eat a largely carbohydrate-based diet (breads, cereals, refined sugars). This spikes high blood sugar and insulin levels, which is, essentially, a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. It is also a path to constant hunger, fatigue, and becoming a fat-storing machine.

Reversing Obesity & Diabetes

Yes, you can to both of these things! Charlotte’s specialised Metabolic Program involves comprehensive information on what and when to eat, as well as specific Nutritional & Herbal Medicines that support healthy blood sugar levels, energy production & cleansing. You can expect to:

  • eat real food
  • feel little hunger (except when its time to eat)
  • have more energy than you’ve felt in years, and
  • experience real, sustainable (& maintainable!) fat loss
Diabetes & Obesity