Fertility Support

Having a baby is not always easy. One’s fertility is, essentially, a reflection of their overall health and wellbeing. Making a healthy baby requires optimal health of both partners and many factors may impact their fertility. The good news, however, is that often the smallest of changes in diet and lifestyle can have a great influence on fertility.


Preconception care

The total process of producing a sperm or an egg takes over 100 days! This means there is a long period of time during which these are at risk of suffering genetically from nutritional deficiency or toxic exposure (i.e. alcohol, cigarettes, heavy metals, radiation, etc.) It is really important that couples spend time preparing their bodies before conceiving. Charlotte can guide you through this process, and recommend the appropriate wellness diet, detoxification program and nutrient supplementation for both of you.


Female fertility

There are many factors that affect female fertility, including:

At your initial consultation, Charlotte will take a thorough clinical assessment to determine which underlying factors may be impacting upon your fertility. She then creates an optimal dietary program for you, and prescribes a combination of herbal medicines and nutrients to promote optimal hormonal health. These work to ensure a healthy ovulation, and encourage a beautifully rich endometrium ready for implantation. The treatments can also be used alongside assisted reproductive techniques, such as IVF.


Male fertility

The male is often the forgotten factor in fertility issues. Sperm are particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage caused by poor diet, tobacco, alcohol & environmental toxins. Charlotte will tailor a nutritional and supplemental program for you to maximise your production of supremely healthy, virile sperm.

Fertility Support