Naturopathic Consultations

People come to see a Naturopath for a variety of reasons. This may be is as simple as feeling tired & sluggish, and knowing that they could be feeling much better. Or it may be a complex health issue they have been struggling with for some time. Regardless of the reason for seeking Naturopathic care, the goals of Naturopathic medicine are threefold:

  1. Understand what is causing your body to create its current symptoms
  2. Prescribe the correct nutrients, herbal medicines and dietary adjustments to heal the deepest cause of the problem, and
  3. Enhance your overall sense of wellness.

With this aim in mind, a consultation involves taking a thorough clinical assessment of your past & present health issues. This includes a Body Composition Profile (which measures your body fat, lean muscle tissue & cellular hydration), and a physical assessment of your eyes, tongue, skin, hair & nails. Charlotte also utilises different Functional Pathology tests to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body. These include a combination of salivary hormone, blood, urine and stool tests, depending on the unique presentation of each patient. Please be aware that these tests are generally not covered by Medicare.

Important notes regarding your appointment:

  • Prior to your appointment, please complete the Online Health Appraisal Form.
  • Bring any relevant blood test results with you (your GP’s surgery will have a copy of them). These are an important part of your assessment- a Naturopath will often interpret your results differently than your GP. Bringing them along to your appointment also saves time & means you won’t have to have the same test repeated!
  • Bring a complete list of all medications and dosages.

Initial consultation (45 mins) $120
Subsequent consultations (20-30 mins) $65 – $85