“I saw Charlotte after suffering from a number of medical issues which I could never seem to get to the bottom of. Charlotte has a considerate and caring approach – in fact, so much so that I may have shed a tear once or twice because she was so attentive! Her assistance has seen many of my issues resolved and I whole heartedly believe that had I not taken her advice to address some internal physical issues, I would not be pregnant now after a gap of six years!



“I saw Charlotte in Nov 2014 when I was desperate for help with hot flushes from menopause that prevented any quality of sleep for the previous 9 months.  I had also started an elimination diet (as a last resort) a few months previous and this triggered a reaction with my thyroid and current dose of medication.

Charlotte recognized and ordered the saliva test for adrenal fatigue and explained this connection to menopause and my thyroid symptoms. Fifteen months later I now realize she has more knowledge and answers than the endocrinology and numerous doctors I have sought for help. Everything I have had to learn for myself since then is pretty well exactly what she explained on my first visit.  I was too overwhelmed at the time to take it all in, but I know I wouldn’t be on the road to recover today if it wasn’t for her amazing gently caring manner and wealth of knowledge. Thank you Charlotte for doing what you do”.


“After multiple Doctors’ visits, tests and attempted cures – all pharma based (of course), I consulted with Charlotte Inwood. Within the first consultation Charlotte identified a possible reason for my ongoing symptoms. The right tests confirmed her thoughts and a course of vitamin supplements and a food plan was implemented.  Result! No need for further Doctor Consultation’s on the issue that previously looked like it was going to lead me down a long, fruitless and expensive path.  As long as I stay focused and be a part of the cure, everything is fine but when I stray I re-connect with Charlotte who helps me get back on track.  I will continue to recommended Charlotte to everyone I know.”


“Charlotte, you are a legend!!

I have been to other Naturopathic care before but never had the kind of treatment you have given me. I have told many of my friends about you because they have noticed the change in me and asked what i was doing? My answer was! You must visit Charlotte at Straight up Health. She is a real little Pocket-Rocket and is so nice, you certainly won’t be sorry you went. She has done “Wonders” for me and i’m very grateful for that!!

I have been so ill in the past I could not even get out of bed or get a meal. Sought medical help, but no relief from my situation!! My close friend told me about Charlotte, so I thought I have nothing to loose by paying her a visit, within three weeks I was able to at least get out of bed!!  Then, very slowly, things began to change and I was able to return to more of a normal life-style. I am not the sort of person that has loads of energy but I’m very Happy with Charlotte’s treatment and continue with my visits. So anyone out there that has been so low in health as i was PLEASE pay her a visit!! I’m sure you will never regret it.!!”


“I would recommend Charlotte to anyone and everyone…in fact I do.
My 9 year old son and I have seen Charlotte a few times with fairly complex background issues;
Charlotte’s manner being gentle, kind and very professional is a great mix along with the remedies prescribed.
Not surprising we have progress ☺”


“I would like to share how helpful you have been to me since I first came to see you.

You have always been very helpful and have explained everything clearly and professionally to me so I understand fully what to do and why you have prescribed the medications for me.

You are always very interested how I am going and what benefit the medication has been for me.

It’s great to know you have the best interest for my health outcome and I truly trust and appreciate your care and understanding and your professionalism in my treatment.

I also read your articles in the paper, especially the ones on Thyroid function, (that’s where I first found out about your practice and thought, “I need to go see if you can help me with my health issues, and bring relief from my severe tiredness”.

Thank you so much, and I trust we will continue to have improvement in my day to day life.”